Semi-Custom Portrait

$25.00 - $40.00

Must email me at hellohonz@gmail.com with photos, additional information, and type of pose you want.

2 people are included in price!

What do I mean by semi-custom?

Customizations included in price for every pose:
-eye color⁣
-skin tone⁣
-body type⁣

Movie Night Pose:
(Scenes can be suggested but to keep the price low I will do a minimalist rendition of whatever movie is chosen)

-Horse Type: Chonk or Long

Different positions, added people/pets and details can be added on but have additional costs. Think about it like pizza toppings 🍕 ⁣
Add pet: +$5
Add additional people: +$7 per person
Add super specific and detailed movie scene: +$15

If you don't see an option that fits what you have in mind, don't worry!
Just choose the default 'Portrait' option and send me an email.
We can work it out together and added costs can be paid via venmo.

Shipping with tracking included
1 - 8x10" print on Pro Luster Paper